Our services are custom tailored to meet your needs.  this means we can do as little or as much as you need us to do.  Call or stop by and we will be happy to answer questions that pertain directly to your business or financial needs.

Below are some of our more common services and their corresponding prices.  For a more complete pricing structure, feel free to call us at (979) 691-2345 or e-mail us at bryan@bottomline.biz to see what we can do for you!
Let us prepare your tax return for you. We can file everything from a 1040EZ through complex corporation filings.  Secure electronic filing is included at no extra cost.

Have you already prepared your return, but would like us to double check it and electronically file it for you? Please contact us today!
If you are tired of handling receipts, bank reconciliations and other tedious tasks that come with running your own business, we can help.  We work with you to custom tailor our bookkeeping to help you where you need it most.


$70.00/hour - Standard Rate
$80.00/hour - Standard On-Site
$80.00/hour - Debbie Rate
$90.00/hour - Debbie On-Site
Whether you need us to process your payroll live, or only need us to prepare your quarterlies, we tailor your payroll package to suite your needs.


After-the-Fact:  $70.00/hour
Live, Weekly:  $45.00 and up*
Live, Bi-Weekly:  $50.00 and up*
Live, Monthly:  $70.00 and up*

*Live Payroll includes processing of quarterlies and all deposits.  Price is based off number of employees.