Bottom Line Bookkeeping: A Tax Preparation Service Near You

How Do Tax Services Work? 

Have you been considering paying for a tax service? Hiring a professional to help prepare your taxes is a great way to get peace of mind as well as save valuable time and money. Here are a few common questions we receive about the tax preparation process: 

How do I begin? 

When you decide you want to work with a professional tax preparer, we make it as easy for you as possible for you to get started. You have the option of either dropping tax documents off at our office, scheduling an appointment, or submitting tax documents electronically via email, Dropbox, Google Shared files, etc. 

How quickly can my taxes be filed?

The speed at which your return is filed depends on the method you choose to provide us with your documents. For clients who come in for an appointment, we are often able to complete and e-file a return all that same day unless we are missing some documentation. For clients who drop documents off, returns are processed in the order in which the documents were received. Once your return is done, we will contact you to let you know that your return is ready for your review and signatures. Once a return is signed and e-filed, we will mail out the Acknowledgement from the IRS stating that they received and accepted your return.

How do I know that my information/paperwork is safe? 

It can be difficult to hand over documents that contain confidential financial information, so we take extra precautions to make sure that your information is safe and your documents are kept in order. All documentation provided to us by our clients is scanned into our secure internal server. All tax returns are also saved electronically so we can deliver either a hard copy or a digital copy to clients upon request. You can trust that your information will be safe with us and that your documents will be properly taken care of. 

Why should I hire a tax preparer? 

Hiring a tax preparer comes with a host of benefits! We are able to electronically file returns, schedule payments to the IRS, and set up Direct Deposit for those who prefer that over a paper mailed refund from the IRS. When you hire a professional to handle your taxes, you can trust that your return will be filed accurately and in accordance with Federal and State guidelines. Instead of worrying about keeping track of all of the rules and regulations, you can focus on things that you enjoy and trust that everything will be filed correctly. By using a local tax office like Bottom Line Bookkeeping, you also get the benefit of building a relationship with the people in our office. The same individuals who know you and have worked with you before will be filing your returns year after year and guiding you along the way. Simply bring us your paperwork, and we’ll do the rest! 

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